What’s New in NDSR 2021

Our work for NDSR 2021 focused on making updates to a number of food product categories so that foods and nutrients in NDSR reflect today’s marketplace. We also added a number of foods to the database so that foods consumed by Americans are better represented. Below is a description of the key updates and additions you’ll find in NDSR 2021.


Margarines/Margarine-like products and Buttery Spreads In 2015 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined that partially hydrogenated oils (PHO) were no longer Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), with removal from products by January 1, 2020 mandated. As a result, major shifts in margarine products have occurred in recent years with products today free of industrially produced trans-fat and composed of different blends of oils than in the past.  Consequently, we’re pleased to report that margarines and spreads in NDSR 2021 reflect today’s marketplace. In addition to updating existing product lines (e.g. Parkay, Country Crock, Blue Bonnet) numerous new product lines were added including Earth Balance, Imperial, Olivio, and Pure Blends. Users will find more than 90 brand name and about 85 new generic margarine options in NDSR.


Ice Creams and Frozen Yogurt Brand name ice creams were updated and expanded, with NDSR 2021 including  close to 900 brand name ice creams.  New product lines for ice creams added include Halo Top, Hood, Izzy’s, Lactaid, Magnum, Mayfield, Prairie Farms, Tillamook, Turkey Hill, and Umpqua. Also updated were the generic sections for gelato, frozen custard, Dippin’ Dots, sherbet, and sorbet.   


With the frozen yogurt market shrinking, branded frozen yogurts have been removed from the database. NDSR 2021 still includes a variety of generic options which were updated to reflect the frozen yogurts that are currently on the market.


Granola Bars and Special Formulated Bars Close to 600 brand name bars are now included in NDSR. As part of the update work for this category we added a number of new product lines, including EPIC (meat-based bars), Gatorade, Met-Rx, Muscle Milk, Perfect, Power Crunch, Premier Protein, Protein One, Quest, RXBAR, Think!, and Zone. 


Restaurant and Commercial Entrée Updates The following fast food restaurants were updated: Dairy Queen, Domino’s, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Panda Express. The following commercial entrée brands were updated: Kid Cuisine, Lean Cuisine, Pillsbury, and Smart Ones.


Addition of Foods Unique to Jamaican, Haitian, Nigerian, and Somali Cooking Traditions


To improve the representativeness of foods in NDSR, we have begun an initiative to add foods unique to Jamaican, Haitian, Nigerian, and Somali cooking traditions. Below are new foods added to NDSR 2021. In the coming years watch for the inclusion of a growing number of foods for these cuisines.


Curry with goat                                                                 Samosa (sambusa, sambosa, sambuza, or singara)            

Fufu made with cassava                                                Shaah adays (Somali spiced tea with milk)

Fufu made with plantain and cassava                      Shaah bigays (Somali spiced tea)

Jamaican coco bread                                                      Somali halwa (xalwa)


Some Additional New Foods Added

Bolt24 Antioxidant                                                          Fry sauce (e.g. mayo ketchup)

Bolt24 Energize                                                                 Mango – frozen and canned options

Coke with Coffee                                                             Pink beans

Coke with Coffee Zero Sugar                                       Sugar free strawberry syrup

Cranberry beans                                                               Yellow beans