24-hr Dietary Recall Collection

Are you interested in outsourcing 24-hour dietary recall collection for your study?  NCC’s telephone 24-hour dietary recall collection service is here to support your research.  Every year we collect thousands of 24-hour dietary recalls over the telephone from study participants across the U.S.  We have experience collecting dietary recalls for a wide range of studies and study populations including pharmaceutical trials (Studies List).
Our trained and certified interviewers collect the dietary recalls over the telephone using Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR).  NDSR is a dietary analysis software application that allows for the collection of dietary recalls using the multiple pass approach to recall collection. Output files from NDSR include intake estimates for 178 nutrients, nutrient ratios, and other food components.   Food serving count estimates (e.g. servings of dark green vegetables, sugar sweetened soft drinks, etc.) are also provided. The software includes a dietary supplement assessment module so that nutrient intake from both food and supplemental sources may be captured and quantified.
Additional features of our dietary recall collection service:

  •  Ability to collect recalls in English and Spanish
  • Recalls may be collected on scheduled dates and times or unscheduled (unannounced)
  • Rigorous quality assurance procedures to maximize data quality
  • Professional interviewers who are trained and certified in the collection of recalls using NDSR and study specific protocols
  • Assistance in protocol development
  • Add-on service available for an extra charge to administer survey questions such as demographic and health history questions

Click here for general pricing. Want to learn more or receive a price quote for your study?  Contact Julia Lorenzana Peasley at NCCresearchserv@umn.edu 612.624.4592.