Professional Interviewers

Interviewer Staff Qualifications

  • NCC hires and certifies high caliber staff to perform dietary recalls
  • Current staff have bachelors or masters degrees, are diet technicians, or are currently finishing their bachelor’s degree
  • Several current staff are Spanish/English bilingual
  • Interviewers complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Human Subjects Research Training
  • Many staff have years of NDSR experience


Training of Interview Staff


NDSR Training and Certification

  • 2 Day, hands-on NDSR Training
    • Developing interviewing techniques
    • Using the multiple pass approach
    • Navigating the NDSR search features
  • Complete 10 practice recalls
  • Complete 1 baseline recall and 1 certification recall
  • Line by line review of individual recalls with feedback/additional training provided as needed until approved by NCC Quality Assurance Lead
  • Ongoing quality assurance reviews with feedback/training as needed


Study Specific Certification Process

  • Study-specific training, with length of training based on complexity of study
    • Describe new procedures specific to the study
    • Review study-specific Data Entry Rules
    • Complete study-specific exercise activities
  • If study is not typical, conduct practice recalls
  • Complete study-specific certification recalls
  • Provide interviewer feedback/additional training as needed based on quality assurance reviews