Quality Assurance Procedures for Dietary Recalls Collected by NCC

Data collection/entry utilizes the most recent version of NDSR, which is released annually. This is important for long-term studies, so that foods and nutrients are reflective of the current marketplace. Quality assurance (QA) procedures are conducted at several levels during processing.  After the telephone recall has been collected, it goes through an initial round of quality assurance conducted by the interviewer, with the recall being reviewed for completeness and accuracy.  Notes and missing foods (foods not found in the database) are flagged for Quality Assurance Scientist review. When the interviewer has completed the initial QA, the NCC data manager will batch the files and send the output to the Quality Assurance Scientist to run QA reports on 100% of the dietary recalls or records. The data is reviewed for nutrient outliers and consistent data entry practices; flagged items and missing foods are resolved and errors corrected.  Also, a full line by line review is done for 10% of the recalls/records. NDSR output files are provided in tab-delimited text files and can easily be imported into Excel or another spreadsheet program or directly imported into SAS or other statistical programs for ease with data analysis.