Pricing for 24-hour Dietary Recall Collection Service

(effective July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024)


Type of Service Price
Study Initiation Charge (depending on study requirements)a $1,125 – $3,940
Principle Investigator Oversight (minimum 1% effort)b $247/month
University IRB fee – only applies to industry projectsc $0 or $2,500
24-hour dietary recall, includes full QA review $97/recall
24-hour dietary recall, attempt only (no recall)d $26/attempt
Questionnaire administration (1-15 questions)e $26/admin
Questionnaire administration (16-30 questions)e $37/admin
Questionnaire administration (31-50 questions)e $47/admin
PLUS Indirect Cost Rate (ICR)f

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Pricing for 24hr Diet Recall Collection (effective July 1, 2023)
aStudy Initiation (Setup) Charge – This cost includes preparing the University of Minnesota IRB application, developing a manual of procedures specific to the study, setting up a data logbook for participants, and training and certifying NCC interviewers on the study-specific protocol. Typical set up charge is $2,250 but can vary according to the complexity of the study.
bPrincipal Investigator Oversight – The University of Minnesota requires ethical, procedural and financial oversight of research being conducted at the University.  Dr. Lisa Harnack, DrPH, RD provides general oversight for all NCC studies conducted by researchers outside of the University of Minnesota.  Dr. Harnack meets regularly with the project manager to review work priorities, assess work progress and overview timelines. She is available as needed to attend project meetings.
cUniversity of Minnesota IRB Fee – The University of Minnesota IRB assesses a fee of $2,500 for reviewing industry funded sponsored project IRB applications.  Continuing reviews will be completed for subsequent years of the project at no additional charge.
d Includes the time and effort to attempt to reach a study participant over the telephone to collect a 24-hour dietary recall. NCC interviewers make every attempt we can to reach study participants, utilizing multiple phone numbers (if provided). Each attempt is tracked in a telephone contact log. After participants are called numerous times without success, no further attempts are made and $26 is charged for an attempted recall.
eNCC offers the service of administering survey questions before or after completing a dietary recall. Responses are recorded and electronic data are submitted to the client for analysis. Questions about a participant’s physical activity level; nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs; and other behavioral characteristics may be asked.
fThe University of Minnesota will apply (add) a facilities and administrative/indirect cost to projects based on established rates.  For NIH funded studies, the indirect rate is currently 55% for FY2023.