How does NDSR compare to ASA24?

NDSR is a PC-based dietary analysis program for 24-hour dietary recall collection and analysis of food records, menus, and recipes. Collection of dietary recalls is carried out by an interviewer who is trained in the use of NDSR. The dietary recalls may be collected over the telephone or in-person.
The ASA24 is a web-based dietary analysis program for 24-hour dietary recall and food record collection. It is designed for self-administration, and thus requires the study participant have internet access and some level of literacy and familiarity with computers or mobile devices.
NDSR and ASA24 differ in a variety of important ways beyond platform and mode of use. To summarize, NDSR has more foods, nutrients, and quality assurance capabilities than ASA24. The ASA24 may be less costly because it is self-administered and the program is available for use at no charge.
The following documents provide greater detail regarding the differences and similarities of NDSR and ASA24 for 24-hour dietary recall collection: