Has NDSR been validated?

NDSR is designed for collecting 24-hour dietary recalls and analyzing food records. The validity of these approaches to dietary intake assessment have been assessed in numerous studies, some of which involved the collection/analysis of dietary recalls and records using NDSR.
One suggested resource for learning about the validity of 24-hour dietary recalls and foods records is Chapter 3 (24-Hour Recall and Food Record Methods) in the text Nutritional Epidemiology (third edition, 2013) by Walter Willett.
Another resource for locating validation studies involving specific demographic groups (e.g. children, African Americans, etc.) is the National Cancer Institute’s Dietary Assessment Calibration/Validation Register.
The National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) Measures Registry also provides references on the validity of various dietary assessment measures, including 24-hour dietary recalls for children.
NDSR has been used for dietary intake assessment in hundreds of nutrition related studies. A compilation of papers published by NDSR users is available.