Orientation to the Content of the NDSR Output Files

NDSR Output Files are exported from the program as tab-delimited text files in a zipped (compressed) folder. The output files are numbered and range from file 00 to file 24. See Chapter 8, Managing NDSR Output of the NDSR User Manual for step-by-step instructions on how to create NDSR output files. You should rely on the User Manual for the version of NDSR that data is generated from.


The specific individual output files generated are dependent on the record type (i.e., Recall, Record, Record-Assisted Recall, Menu, User Recipe, or DSAM User Products) selected when setting up the project for data collection or data entry. Only fully completed records are included in the output files.


What NDSR Output Files do I need? First Develop a Detailed Analysis Plan for Your Dietary Data


To get oriented to your output files, first select the Record type for the data you are working with. The linked pages below will provide guidelines pertaining to nutrient data, HEI data, food group serving data, and dietary supplement data for your record type as well as FAQs where applicable.