What NDSR Output Files do I need? First Develop a Detailed Analysis Plan for Your Dietary Data

As a first step, we encourage researchers to develop an analysis plan for their specific diet-related research questions. The plan will help you identify the specific NDSR output files you need, and the variables you may need to create from the data in these files.


Notes: A comprehensive list of the variables available in each output file is available in Chapter 8, Managing NDSR Output of the NDSR User Manual. Some nutrients in the output files are available in multiple forms. For example, folate is available as Total Folate (mcg), Dietary Folate Equivalents (DFE), Natural Folate (food folate) (mcg), and Synthetic Folate (folic acid) (mcg). The specific nutrient unit you choose will depend on your research question and should be included in your analysis plan. Definitions for each nutrient, nutrient ratio and food component in NDSR are available in the NDSR User Manual (Appendix 11, Nutrient Information).