Dietary Assessment Resources

Below are some resources that may be useful to those using NDSR for the collection of 24-hour dietary recalls.

Sample Recall Procedures

A sample procedures manual for the collection of 24-hour dietary and supplement recalls using NDSR is provided below in both PDF and Word format. This manual, which was developed for use for a specific study, may be useful to you in considering elements to include in your study specific procedures manual. Feel free to adapt the sample procedures manual to suit your study.

24-hour Dietary and Supplement Recall Collection Manual of Procedures (Word)
24-hour Dietary and Supplement Recall Collection Manual of Procedures (PDF)

Food Amount Estimation Tools

When collecting 24-hour dietary recalls respondents are asked to remember and report all of the foods and beverages consumed in the preceding 24-hours or the preceding day. A variety of food amount estimation tools may be used to assist respondents in the challenging task of accurately estimating the amounts consumed. Some of these tools include:

  • Plastic food replicas such as Life/Form® Replicas available from Nasco
  • Household food measuring tools such as cups and spoons
  • Food serving bowls, plates, cups and mugs of various sizes
  • A ruler
  • Food amount reporting booklets

NCC Publications

A number of papers have been published describing NDSR and methods related to the development and maintenance of the NCC Food and Nutrient Database. References for these papers are provided in chronological order with links to abstracts and full texts provided where possible.

NCC Publications (pdf)