NCC News Bite | May 2018

This edition contains the following articles:

NDSR Price Increase Coming July 2018
Morgan/Posner Food Portion Visual (FPV)
Food Composition Data


NDSR Price Increase Coming July 2018

Since 2015, NDSR licensing and support renewal pricing has remained the same. To keep pace with inflationary increases in expenses, we will be increasing our prices marginally effective July 2018. For currently supported clients, the price increase is as follows:

  • Annual Support – Initial Copy: increase by $150
  • Annual Support – Additional Copy: increase by $25
  • NDSR License – Additional Copy: increase by $150

Contact NCC User Support team for any additional questions.


Is anyone still using the Morgan/Posner Food Portion Visual (FPV) Poster and corresponding FPV amounts in NDSR?

The Food Portion Visual (FPV) is a poster that may be used to assist study participants in estimating the amount of food consumed. To facilitate the use of the FPV poster, NDSR includes the option to report amounts by sizes represented on the FPV.


Over time the FPV has been replaced by other food amount reporting tools such as the Food Amount Booklet (FAB) that is available for download from the NCC website. We suspect that no one is using the FPV poster or the FPV amount reporting options in NDSR. Thus, we’re considering removing the FPV amount reporting options from NDSR to streamline the program and minimize user confusion.


If you or another NDSR user you know is using the FPV amounts in NDSR please contact us at We would like the feedback before we make a final decision on removing the FPV option in NDSR.


Do you want to better understand the food composition data behind your dietary data?

Join us in Minneapolis, MN July 23-25 for the 40th National Nutrient Databank Conference. The conference is a hub for researchers and food composition database users around the world who are dedicated to the development, maintenance and use of those databases.


The Preliminary Program is now available on the 40th National Nutrient Databank Conference website. Visit to find out what is in store during the 3-day conference.


Register by June 1 for early bird rate.