Quality Assurance for Dietary Recalls

Let our experienced staff carry out quality assurance for the 24-hour dietary recalls you collect using NDSR. Simply send us your back-up files, and we’ll get busy carrying out the quality assurance service you select.


We offer the following three quality assurance services:


Data Entry Quality AssuranceIndividual recall records are reviewed line by line to identify data collection/entry errors and written feedback is provided. Examples of the types of errors identified and feedback provided from this QA review include identifying incorrect foods/beverages selected in NDSR, data entry errors in amounts, units, and/or amount descriptors, missing study specific notes or codes, study specific protocols not being followed, and providing tips for dietary interviewers/data entry staff. Data Entry Quality Assurance is highly recommended for new NDSR users and recent trainees, as common entry errors can be identified and the feedback used to improve future work. This process can also be valuable for encouraging consistency of data collection throughout a study. Studies often elect to have Data Entry Quality Assurance carried out on a subset of study recalls (e.g. 10% of all recalls, first 50 recalls conducted by a new interviewer, etc.). Please note that Missing Food resolutions and edits to the dietary records are not included in this QA service.


Quality Assurance Review – NDSR produced QA Reports on a batch of recalls or records are reviewed to identify data outliers and common data entry errors, and corrections to data are made or recommended. Examples of the errors identified by these reports include beverages incorrectly entered in OZ instead of FO (fluid ounces), food amounts entered in volume with shape dimensions miscalculated, foods flagged by NDSR as amount maximums or minimums, and daily kcal, sodium, and caffeine intake per day that suggest incorrect portion entry during the day. A detailed review of assembled foods is also done. All priority notes are reviewed. This service includes the resolution of Missing Foods, with a cap of 20 missing foods per batch of 100 recalls/records (additional Missing Foods resolved for an additional charge). A backup file with the post QA (cleaned) data is provided. As with Data Entry Quality Assurance, written feedback is provided to improve consistency of data collection throughout the study.


Quality Assurance Review + DSAM – Includes the Quality Assurance Review as described above with the addition of reviewing dietary supplement products entered using the Dietary Supplement Assessment Module (DSAM). This includes resolving priority notes and missing dietary supplement products. Corrections to data are made or recommended.


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