NDSR Demo Download File

This demo includes all the functionality of NDSR 2023 excluding nutrients.

Instructions for NDSR Demo Installation

  1. Click the “Download NDSR 2023 Demo File” link below.
  2. Save the file (setup.exe) to your hard drive.
  3. Navigate to the file. Double-click the file to start the installation.
  4. Follow the prompts that appear on each window and select the NEXT> button to move from one window to the next.
  5. To learn how to start and use NDSR 2023, complete the NDSR 2023 Tutorials in the User Manual (PDF).

Download NDSR 2023 Demo File

Thank you for downloading the demo version of NDSR. If you have any additional questions about the program or if you would like a live demo from us, please contact us at ndsrhelp@umn.edu or 612-626-9450.