Comparison of the NCC Food and Nutrient Database with Other Research Quality* U.S. Databases

Number of foods in the database 19,429 7,793 5,624
Approximate number of brand name foods 8,302 800 Not Available
Number of restaurants 22 (all menu items) 20 (some menu items) Not Available
Number of nutrients, nutrient ratios & other food components 178 148 65
Completeness of nutrient values 92-100% 0-100% 100%
Update and release schedule Yearly Yearly Every two years

aUniversity of Minnesota Nutrition Coordinating Center Food and Nutrient Database, 2023.
bUnited States Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (SR), Legacy.
cUnited States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies, 2019-20.
*It is important to note that although there are commercial databases that contain more foods than the NCC database, the nutrients available in these databases are generally limited to those included on the Nutrition Facts panel.
As a result, non-label nutrients of interest such as caffeine, carotenoids, and individual fatty acids such as omega-3s are generally not included in these databases. Also, the completeness of the data in commercial databases tends to be low for a number of nutrients of high interest, rendering these databases of limited use in research and many other applications. As an example, although the ESHA database includes over 99,999 food items the level of completeness is low for some nutrients (e.g., 60% complete for potassium, 48% complete for zinc, and 20% complete for vitamin D).