Common Questions about User Recipe Output File Data

1. Which file contains nutrients per serving for a User Recipe Record (e.g., mg of calcium per serving)?




2. Which file contains NCC food group serving counts per serving for a User Recipe Record (e.g.,dark green vegetable servings)




3. How are the Food (file 02) and Component Ingredient (file 01) files linked?


ANSWER:  This video explains the linkages using the file ID numbers


4. Why are some foods in the Food file (file 02) repeated in the Component/Ingredient file (file 01) and others not?


ANSWER:  This video explains why some foods may be the same in these two files while others are not.


5. In what User Recipe Output File can I find percent Daily Values?  


ANSWER:  Percent Daily Values are not available in NDSR Output files. They are available in the Daily Values (DV) Report which can be saved as a pdf document or printed. See Chapter 10, NDSR Reports in the NDSR User Manual for information on how to select and save and print the Daily Values Report.


6. How can I tell what version of NDSR was used to enter User Recipe Records and to generate output files for the records? 


ANSWER: FILES 06 contains the following variables for User Recipe Records: 1) data collected in NDSR software version and 2) data generated in NDSR software version.



*Additional NDSR Output File and Data Analysis FAQs can be found here.