Foods, Nutrients and Food Groups


The NCC Food and Nutrient Database includes about 19,000 foods and of which 8,300 are brand products. In addition, the database is structured to allow ingredient choices and preparation methods to be specified as part of the data collection process in NDSR, thereby offering more than 160,000 food variations. A wide array of food amount units are available for foods in the database.

Currently, the NCC Food and Nutrient Database includes 178 nutrients, nutrient ratios and other food components. New nutrients and other food components are added on an ongoing basis to meet emerging research needs.
Food Groups

The NCC Food Group Serving Count System is available to facilitate estimating intake of food groups, (e.g., daily servings of fruit). With this system, foods in the database are assigned to 174 subgroups that fit within 9 major food categories (pdf). Two additional food grouping schemes are available in the database. Want more detail? View Appendix 10 (pdf) of the NDSR User Manual.