What’s New in NDSR 2018?



New – Font Change
We have changed the font to a new style and increased the size to improve legibility and make it easier on the eyes. We think you will like the more modernized look that also makes the program more user-friendly.


New – Option to Include Customizable Data Fields in the Trailer Tab
In NDSR 2017 we added the option to include Customizable Data Fields in the Header Tab so that additional information (e.g. participant height, weight, etc.) could be collected in NDSR. In NDSR 2018 we took it a step further and added the option to include Customizable Data Fields in the Trailer Tab for Record and Recall Projects. Using these data fields, you can now enter information following recall/record entry, such as the language in which the interview was primarily collected or the participant’s assessment of their eating behaviors.

We have moved the section for naming the customizable data fields for the header and trailer tabs to its own Customizable Data Fields Tab in the Project Preferences. To set your customizable data fields, simply create your project, go to Preferences, and click on the Customizable Data Fields Tab. See page 3.8-3.11 in “Chapter 3, Managing NDSR Projects” of the User Manual for further information on how to set-up these fields.


New– Trailer Questions can be selected individually
The Trailer questions–asking the participant if they think the overall amount of food intake is close to the usual amount, and allowing the interviewer to assess if  the information collected was reliable–could either both be used together or not at all in previous versions of NDSR. Starting with the release of NDSR 2018, these questions can now be selected separately, so users can set which of the two questions they want to require or if they do not want to require either of them. To make your selection, go to your project’s Preferences and under the Method Tab, you will see the options under “Use on Record Trailer.”  See page 3.5 in “Chapter 3, Managing NDSR Projects” of the User Manual for a screenshot of where this is located.


NDSR Reports are more Nutrition Counseling/Education Friendly
Some of you requested improvements to NDSR reports so they would be more useful for nutrition counseling/education. To that end, we made a number of improvements to the Daily Values, RDA/AI, and Nutrition Totals Reports. Changes made include removing the ‘Mandatory Component’ and ‘Voluntary Component’ subheadings in both the Daily Value and Average Daily Value Reports, and rounding nutrient values in the RDA/AI and Daily Value Reports to decimal places that make sense for nutrition education. In addition, the option to create Nutrient Totals Reports that have ‘simplified’ rounding has been added to the program. Just click the ‘simplified’ check box at the top of the Nutrient Totals report to obtain nutrient values rounded to decimal places that make sense for nutrition counseling/education (see page 10.3-10.5 in “Chapter 10, NDSR Reports” of the User Manual for instructions).



Database Improvements in NDSR 2018

  • The baby food category has been updated. The process included updating existing brands (Gerber, Beech-Nut, Earth’s Best Organic) and adding several new brands that have emerged in the marketplace (Happy Family, Ella’s Kitchen, Mum Mum, and Plum Organics).  A number of marketplace trends, such as more whole grain baby cereals and baby food pouches, make baby foods today different than those available the last time we updated this category.   The number of brand name baby food products in NDSR now totals over 800!
  • Updates to the food categories of milk, meat, grains and vegetables from FNDDS 2013-2014 were completed.
  • Many food categories were updated to better reflect the products available in the marketplace. These updates include:
    • The following commercial entrée brands: Kid Cuisine, Lean Cuisine, Pillsbury, Stouffers, and Weight Watchers.
    • The following fast foods restaurants: Domino’s, Little Caesars, Long John Silver’s, Panda Express, Pizza Hut, Taco John’s, White Castle.
    • Ready-to-eat cereals: Arrowhead Mills, Bear Naked, Heartland Brands, McKee Foods, Malt-O-Meal, Mom’s Best Cereals.
    • Coffee mixes
    • Frozen pancakes and waffles
  • New foods that have been added to this version of NDSR include:
    • Breakfast sandwiches added to the sandwich hierarchy
    • Cashew milk (several varieties added)
    • Adobo with rice (new mixed dish with variable ingredients options)
    • Congee (new mixed dish with variable ingredients options)
    • Frittata (new mixed dish with variable ingredient options)
    • More sushi options
  • Several alcoholic cocktails (e.g. zombie, whiskey and water, whiskey and cola)
  • Himalayan (pink) salt
  • Pancakes and waffles with chocolate chips